Powder coating: problems, causes & remedies

  • ambient temperature too high
  • diluent too light
  • room in the sun
  • stoving too fast
  • Check if the temperature is correct
  • Use thinner thinner
  • Dry the parts in the shade
  • Wait for a drying time before drying
  • overlap before the previous layer is hard.
  • poorly catalyzed undercoat
  • respect the drying time of the sub-layer, especially in cold weather.
  • respect the proportions of catalyst
Fish Eye
  • traces of grease, oil, silicone on parts or in application equipment.
  • identify the source of silicone and dispose of it by thorough cleaning (consult your supplier).
White sail
  • ambient humidity too high.
  • use diluent that is too light or poor solvent.
  • use an antifogging thinner.
  • check the compatibility of the solvents used.
  • apply a thin coat of thinner for the cellulos only to the spray gun.
Do not dry
  • lack of hardener.
  • diluent too heavy.
  • respect the proportions (neither more nor less).
  • use a lighter diluent.
Bad adhesion to the media
  • too much wood resin.
  • treated wood (stripper, antifungal, etc ...).
  • wax on wood.
  • degrease the wood with a cleaning solvent before varnishing (and even complete stripping if necessary).
  • Then apply a layer of paliso insulation before the normal system.
Poor adhesion between layers
  • wax between the two layers.
  • too long recovery time without intermediate sanding.
  • Non-recoverable product used as undercoat.
  • Cut or sand layers already applied.
  • Recommended paliso insulation before returning.
  • do not wait too long before covering a PU, otherwise, carefully strip it and respect the compatibility conditions.