HMB-BDA : products for wood treatment & Fine arts

Pinceaux et une large palette de couleursWe sell products for the treatment, restoration and finishing of wood in the field of carpentry, cabinet making, violin making, gilding, as well as products for the fine arts and decor with a very wide range of pigments.

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The HMB-BDA entity is the result of very old houses grouped together over the years. The "H" of HMB-BDA began over a hundred years ago and has grown as and when to become the current name of HMB-BDA. From the beginning the activity has always been mainly focused on cabinetry supplies. Other wood crafts, fine arts and decoration were added to the original activity.

Since 1889 !

Founded in 1889, HMB-BDA offers a range of products for the treatment, restoration, finishing of wood, as well as items for fine arts and decor with a wide range of pigments.

HMB-BDA : notre magasin de vente de produits pour le traitement du bois et de fournitures pour les beaux arts