Products for treatment and finishing of wood

HMB has specialized for decades in the field of arts and crafts..

Our products are specially designed for cabinetmakers, furniture restorers, carpenters, fixtures, gilders, decorators, luthiers and painters.

We have a very wide range of traditional products such as :

  • varnishes and buffers shellac
  • natural glues ... like bone, nerve, rabbit skin, fish glue
  • thin wick to varnish
  • waxes (bee, vegetable, oil)
  • Tincirfix (wax with saponified water)
  • etc ...

As well as our flagship products: “the NICKO” and “L'EAU JAPONAISE” that we manufacture ourself..

We also offer more industrial products such as:

  • mono and bi-component polyurethane varnish
  • dyes for PU and cellulo varnishes
  • strippers
  • various shades
  • etc ...

as well as a range of products with water (hydro) 

  • waxes
  • varnishes
  • viticators

with various finishes (matt, satin, shiny).

→ Consult the list of our products for wood treatment: protection, renovation and finishing .