The characteristics of wood varnishes

The varnish consists of a gum, a resin or a resinous material (called dry matter), dissolved in a liquid (water, alcohol, ether, oils) which is called solvent or binder. / p>

Depending on their composition, there are three types of varnish:

  • varnishes with alcohol;
  • varnishes with gasoline;
  • varnishes with fat.

Types of varnish

  • Fast drying,
  • Simple use,
  • Mono-component.
  • Evolution of a cellulosic,
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance.
Two-component polyurethanes
  • Very good filling,
  • High dry extract,
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance,
  • Easy electrostatic application,
  • Outdoor resistance,
  • UV resistant
Alkyd and alkyd urethanes
  • Good outdoor performance,
  • Mono-component,
  • Brush application.